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Discover the captivating beauty of Manali with the best travel agency in India, where the majestic hill station unfolds its snow-clad mountains and extreme cold. Manali offers an unforgettable experience with iconic attractions such as the Atal Tunnel, a gateway resembling a horse’s nose, making your journey akin to traversing through an adventure paradise. This 3 days/2 nights package, ideal for honeymooners and couples, promises a haven that is nothing less than paradise. Engage in thrilling activities like paragliding, trekking, and mountain climbing.

Best Time to Visit Manali: October to June


Day 1: Solang Valley, Atal Tunnel, Rohtang Pass, Sissu
A: Solang Valley
Begin your journey with the enchanting Solang Valley, best experienced in the early morning. Nestled in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, this valley offers adventurous activities like skiing, paragliding, and parachuting, making it a hub for adventure enthusiasts.

B: Atal Tunnel, Rohtang Pass
Explore the remarkable Atal Tunnel, connecting Leh to Manali, boasting the title of the world’s largest tunnel. Its horseshoe-shaped design and location beneath the Rohtang Pass make it a thrilling adventure at an altitude of 10,000 feet. Proceed to Rohtang Pass, where a snow-covered landscape attracts thousands of tourists.

C: Sissu
Visit Sissu, home to Sissu Lekh and Sissu Waterfall. The entire landscape exudes a unique charm, and adventurous activities once exclusive to Solang Valley are now embraced here. Sissu, situated 40 km away from Manali, promises an exhilarating experience.

Day 2: Jogni Waterfall, Vashisht, Old Manali, Van Vihar
A: Jogni Waterfall
Embark on a journey to Jogni Waterfall, a breathtaking cascade located 6 km from Manali on Vashishta. The serene cedar tree-lined path leading to the falls offers a tranquil experience. The 160 feet waterfall is a captivating sight and requires a climb of over 3 hours.

B: Old Manali
Immerse yourself in the serene environment of Old Manali, filled with calm and positivity. This area offers unique experiences, and its vibrant shopping facilities add to its charm.

C: Van Vihar
Explore Van Vihar, also known as Nature Park, housing wild animals such as tigers, monkeys, snakes, and tortoises. Tall trees touching the sky and an artificial pond for boating create an entertainment center in this natural haven.

Day 3: Sethan Valley
Venture into Sethan Valley, renowned for its igloo stays. Elevated higher than Rohtang Pass, this village offers an alternative to the snow-covered landscapes even after Rohtang Pass closes in November. Popularized in recent years, Sethan Valley promises a unique and undiscovered retreat.

With the best travel agency in India, let us guide you through the enchanting landscapes of Manali, where each day unfolds new adventures and everlasting memories. Experience the essence of Manali’s beauty and thrill with a seamless journey curated for your delight


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